Based on the classification system of Chant and McMurtry (2007), a total of  2692 species of phytoseiid mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae), distributed over 102 genera and 3 subfamilies in over 950 pages, are included in this reference book.  In addition, a total of  109 names published with errors in many publications are also included. Also, in 2692 names, 60 nomen dubia, nomen nuda, species dubia, species incertae sedis, species inquirendae, 471 synonyms, 41 homonyms, and 346 species not included in Moraes, McMurtry, Denmark and Campos (2004) or known since Chant and McMurtry (2007) are included. New genera not included in Chant and McMurtry (2007) and described till December 2011, are included. In addition, some non-phytoseiid species published as Phytoseiidae are also mentioned.
For the sake of convenience and quick reference, the text is arranged in alphabetical order in different sections as follows: (1) Introduction, (2) Classification of Phytoseiidae, (3) Current genera, (4) Controversial genera, (5) New genera known since 2007, (6) Genus-reference list, (7) Species-genus list, (8) Genus-species list, (9) Author-species list, (10) Subfamily-species list (Amblyseiinae, Phytoseiinae, Typhlodrominae), (11) Species-synonym list, (12) Species-homonym list, (13) Species known since or not included in Chant and McMurtry (2007) list, (14) Species-classification list, (15) Species-reference list, (16) References and (17) Index, all in 1082 pages. Generic changes of many species by Denmark and Evans (2011) are also included. Published errors for numerous species and publications with corrections are given. Answers for many taxonomic questions pertaining to Phytoseiidae are also provided.

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