Memories of Acarology - International Congress of Acarology in The Netherlands

Mites of the family Phytoseiidae are of great economic importance as they are effective predators of the plant feeding mites and insects. For this reason, they have received global attention not only by the acarologists, entomologists or zoologists but also by the biological control industries. Thus, the number of known phytoseiid species has increased to 2800 in 2012 indicating their global distribution. To identify these mites correctly, various resources, including atlases, are necessary. No atlas on Phytoseiidae of the world has ever been published before. This atlas fills that  void and includes not only the illustration of over 1000 species, labeled using the current system of setal nomenclature, but also discusses the errors or difficulties in the identification of about 200 species. Thus, this extensive reference book with 1319 pages is indispensible to the students and researchers interested to work on these mites.

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