Species of genus Paraphytoseius represent family Phytoseiidae that include some of the most successful biological control agents in the agricultural practices. These are found throughout the world. Many selected species are being mass-cultured and distributed globally by the biological control industries for the control of mites and insects. The correct identification of these species, of great significance, has been a global problem. This extensive reference book, completed after 4 years of work and published in color, never done before, includes study of type and non-type specimens from several museums. It gives morphology, lyrifissures, solenostomes, sigilla, systematics including re-descriptions confirming or denying previously known synonymies and establishing new synonymies, taxonomic key to identify currently valid species, detail measurements data in 24 tables, geographical distribution, host plant association, prey association, seasonal distribution, and sex ratio. Almost 300 voucher photos of different species in color are included showing the morphology and the variations. Different structures, including the setae, are also labeled for benefit of the readers.


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