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--- Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on Several Otopheidomenid Mites
(Acari: Otopheidomenidae) by V. Prasad, 2019, 772 pp, $280.00 (soft cover)


--- Revision of genus Paraphytoseius
by V. Prasad, 2016, 503 pp, $260.00 (soft cover)

​--- Atlas of Phytoseiidae of the World
(Acari: Mesostigmata) by V. Prasad, 2013, 1319 pp, $470.00 (hard cover)

--- Checklist of Phytoseiidae of the World
(Acari: Mesostigmata) by V. Prasad, 2012, 1063 pp, $380.00 (hard cover)

--- Illustrated Keys and Diagnoses for the Genera and Subgenera of the Phytoseiidae of the World 
(Acari: Mesostigmata), by D.  A. Chant and J. A. McMurtry, 2007, 220 pp, $150.00 (hard cover)

--- Phytoseiidae of Australia and Neighboring Areas
by E. Schicha, 1987, 187 pp, $120.00 (digital copy)

--- Phytoseiidae of Central America
(Acari: Mesostigmata), by H. A. Denmark, G. A. Evans, H. Aguilar, C. Vargas and R. Ochoa, 1999, 125 pp, $110.00 (soft corer)

--- Phytoseiidae of Greece and Cyprus
(Acari: Mesostigmata) by G.T. Papadoulis, N.G. Emmanouel and E.V. Kapaxidi, 2009, 200 pp, $150.00 (hard cover)

--- Phytoseiidae of North America and Hawaii
(Acari: Mesostigmata) by H. A. Denmark and G. A. Evans, 2011, 451 pp, $270.00 (hard cover)

--- Phytoseiidae and Otopheidomenidae of the World: A Self Study Guide
(Acari: Mesostigmata) by V. Prasad, 2011, 208 pp, $250.00 (hard cover)

--- Phytoseiidae of the Philippines
by E. Schicha and L. A. Corpuz-Raros, 1992, 190 pp, $120.00 (digital copy)


--- Catalog of the Eriophyoidea
(Acarina: Prostigmata) of the World, by J. W. Amrine, Jr. and T. A. Stasny, 1994, 798 pp, $320.00 (hard cover)

--- Eriophyoid Mites of the United States 
by E. W. Baker, T. Kono, J. W. Amrine, Jr., M. D. Delfinado-Baker and T. A. Stasny, 1996, 394 pp, $200.00 (hard cover)

--- Keys to the World Genera of the Eriophyoidea
(Acari: Prostigmata), by J. W. Amrine, Jr., 1996, 186 pp, $120.00 (hard cover)

--- Revised Keys to the World Genera of Eriophyoidea
(Acari: Prostigmata), by J. W. Amrine, Jr., T. A. Stasny and C. H. W. Flechtmann, 2003, iv + 244 pp, $150.00 (hard cover)


--- A Catalogue of Mites of India 
by V. Prasad, 1974, 320 pp, $120.00 (digital copy)

--- A Guide to the Spider Mites
 (Tetranychidae) of the United States, by E. W. Baker and D. M. Tuttle, 1994, 347 pp, $160.00 (digital copy)

--- The Predatory Mite Family Cunaxidae 
(Acari) of the World, by R. L. Smiley, 1992, 356 pp, $160.00 (hard cover)

--- Revision of genera of the parasitic mite family Macronyssidae of the World
(Mesostigmata: Dermanyssidae) by F. J. Radovsky, 2010, 170 pp, $120.00 (soft cover)

--- The Taxonomy of Water Mite Larvae
by V. Prasad and D. R. Cook, 1972, 326 pp, $120.00 (hard cover)


--- An Acarological Tribute to David R. Cook
(From Yankee Springs to Wheeny Creek), by I.  M. Smith (Editor), 2003, xiv + 331 pp, $200.00 (hard cover)

--- A Decade of Acarology
by V. Prasad, 1987, 183 pp, $140.00 (hard cover)

--- History of Acarology
by V. Prasad (Ed.), 1982, 472 pp, $220.00 (hard cover)

--- Memories of Acarology in Color
(Part 1. Honoring Acarologists), by V. Prasad, 2003, 200 pp, $450.00 (in color)


--- Aphidiids (Hymenoptera) of Northeast India
by D. R. Chaudhuri (Ed.), 1990, 155 pp, $120.00 (hard cover)

--- Bioecology of Thrips
by T. N. Ananthakrishnan, 1984, 233 pp, $120.00 (hard cover)

--- Reproductive Biology of Thrips
by T. N. Ananthakrishnan, 1990, 158 pp, $120.00 (hard cover)


--- Amphibian Nematodes from South Asia
by M. L. Sood, 1990, 135 pp, $120.00

--- Ecology, Environment, and Society
by M. A. Santos, 1990, 407 pp, (out of print)

--- The Embryology of Angiosperms: A Classified Bibliography (1965-1985)
by C. R. Nagendran and M. S. Dinesh, 1989, 240 pp, $120.00 (hard cover)

--- Science of Ecology and Human Concerns
by M. A. Santos, 2006, 298 pp,(out of print)


--- Anatomy and Histology of the Indian Elephant
by D. Mariappa, 1986, 209 pp, $120.00 (hard cover)

--- Medical Management of the Elephant
by S. K. Mikota, E. L. Sargent and G. Ranglack, 1994, 298 pp, $140.00 (hard cover)


--- (1) Chant and McMurtry (2007)
(download .doc)


--- Discoverer of mites - Robert W. Husband
by V. Prasad, 2001, $20.00

--- Discoverer of mites - Norman J. Fashing
by V. Prasad, 2003, $20.00

--- Discoverer of mites - David R. Cook
by V. Prasad, 2004, $20.00

--- The world of mites
by V. Prasad, 2001, $20.00

--- Memories of Acarology - IJA’s 25th anniversary meeting in Morgantown
by V. Prasad, 2001, $20.00

--- Memories of Acarology - IJA’s 30th anniversary meeting in Columbus
by V. Prasad, 2005 $20.00

--- Memories of Acarology - International Congress of Acarology in Mexico
by V. Prasad, 2002, $20.00

--- Memories of Acarology - International Congress of Acarology in The Netherlands
by V. Prasad, 2006, $20.00

--- Expedition of David R. Cook for collecting interstitial water mites
by V. Prasad, 2010, $20.00

--- Expedition of Vikram Prasad to Peru Amazon Forest for collecting otopheidomenid mites
by Alberto Guanilo and V. Prasad, 2010, $20.00

--- Mystery of the lizard mite, Bharatoliaphilus punjabensis Prasad, 1975, collected in Punjab, India
by V. Prasad, 2009, $20.00

--- Mouthparts cleaning behavior in an adult anystid mite
by V. Prasad, 2009, $20.00

--- Heavy infestation of Otopheidomenis kayosiekeri Prasad, 1970 on a moth collected in Guatemala
by V. Prasad, 2010, $20.00

--- Unusual heavy infestation of Otopheidomenis cocytes Prasad, 1970 on a moth collected in Ecuador
by V. Prasad, 2010, $20.00

International Journal of Acarology
--- (1) Covers

--- Stamps (of mites, ticks, acarologists), 41 cents, postage in USA , collector's item also
by V. Prasad, 10 for $20.00